Small Businesses Make a Big Impact on Sustainable Development

  • We all know the famous story of David and Goliath used as a business analogy. Today we are seeing small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) take the lead in addressing our most pressing global issues. Smart business owners are recognizing that consumers and clients respond favorably to companies that place value on people and planet, as well as profit (AKA the triple bottom-line). Millennials are coming of age and increasingly driving markets with their socially-conscious buying habits. Meanwhile venture capitalists, recognizing the potential peril their children and grandchildren face on a planet with substantial environmental crises, are seeking creative ways to invest their money in projects that will make a real difference. HealRWorld® is at the forefront of this integration of business and social/environmental values-driven enterprise with the worlds largest database of privately held sustainable companies across all areas of environment, social, and governance factors (ES&G).

    “HealRWorld is a social-impact company founded on the belief that the best way to achieve global sustainability is through the empowerment of small businesses and consumers. We unite consumers and businesses alike to make values-based decisions on where and how they spend their money through our online digital community platform. HealRWorld supports the Sustainable Development Goals through our products and services.” -Michele Bongiovanni, CEO, and Founder of HealRWorld

    Michele Bongiovanni, Founder of HealRWorld, is not only leading the charge for sustainable SME’s but is a champion for women-led businesses. Her vision of a global digital community platform that levels the playing field and unites socially minded consumers with businesses committed to their values is becoming a reality. With over 1 million businesses in her network, this initiative is important and timely for a number of reasons. Furthermore, it is profitable, as shown through interactive graphs by this recent survey conducted by Morgan Stanley.

    “Our study shows sustainable investing has usually met, and often exceeded, the performance of comparable traditional investments.” -Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing

    Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) are Having Impact Locally and Reach Globally via eCommerce

    Cross border eCommerce helps small businesses reach global markets in order to thrive. This is perhaps the fastest growing segment of global trade that also provides tremendous growth opportunities for entrepreneurs in developing economies. Imagine each transaction in this multi-trillion dollar eCommerce market contributing to businesses committed to positive social impact, the environment, and other sustainable development goals. As promising as all of this is, many of these small enterprises struggle for funding and start-up capital.

    Luckily many solutions are emerging!

    Our goal is to leverage these insights to drive greater access to capital and more reasonable financing rates to these sustainable MSMEs globally and further prove that sustainable business is good business.” Learn More at the HealRWorld Website

    SME’s and the World’s Most Powerful Blockchain: Unify Earth® is Humanizing the Blockchain with the first end-to-end service to assist entrepreneurs, investors, and SME’s that are dedicated to addressing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Over 190 countries around the world have adopted this roadmap to a sustainable future, and Unify Earth is determined to power this movement with their revolutionary Blockchain 3.0 Technology. A forthcoming partnership between Unify Earth® (UE) and HealRWorld® is launching in New York City late September in conjunction with United Nations General Assembly (more info and links below).

    Though the Blockchain Industry has been dynamic with many ups and downs, UE is a new leader in the field by restoring trust in the technology, as well as accountability from the team that offers a full suite of services. They assist with all aspects of business development including launch, capital-raise, smart contracts, partnerships and the endless other applications of Blockchain 3.0 on a lightning fast, energy-efficient, secure, and transparent platform. You can learn details of how Blockchain will be pivotal in this movement, by reading Impact Investing, Philanthropy, Humanitarian Aid, and Blockchain or watch the short video below.

    Creative Ways to Support Sustainable Start-ups and Small Businesses:

    In addition to the endless applications for Blockchain to usher in an era of successful, empowered, values-driven enterprises there are other ideas and solutions converging. Crowd-funding, micro-lending, tokenization, and other community initiatives like buy-local, and farm-to-table restaurants are changing the way people think about commerce. Media is also helping to raise social consciousness about values-driven, and sustainable business and consumer preferences. In many instances, millennials are leading the charge in this because they are media and tech-savvy as well as being the first demographic (in America) to outnumber the Baby-Boomer Generation.

    A Convergence of Ideas and People in New York City: United Nations Peace month in New York City will be packed full of inspiring events. On September 21, “Unlocking The Opportunity for Investing in Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Roundtable” event will be presented by HealRWorld with a Panel hosted and moderated by Dow Jones® Newswires and The Wall Street Journal®. Moderator, Glenn Hall is the global chief editor of Dow Jones Newswires, overseeing teams of journalists in the U.S., Europe and Asia that produce content for The Wall Street Journal’s news service for financial professionals. Panelists include Mary Jane McQuillen, Head of ESG Investment at Clearbridge Investments; Anuj Shah, Founder & Managing Director of Linear Impact Partners; Christine Looney, Deputy Director at Mission Investments Ford Foundation. More to be announced in the coming weeks!

    Working Together Across Borders for A Better Future

    Together we become a team of Davids, the little guys, banded together to fight the Goliath of global issues from climate change to poverty. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals offer a blueprint for the businesses of the future and there are countless ways to innovate on these initiatives through community networks and emerging technology. The beautiful thing about this global movement is the empowerment of individuals to make a change for the better, to lift up their communities and create examples of new ways to do business on our planet.