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    October 21, 2019 4:59 AM EDT

    Our school is located in the suburbs, and once it leaves the school gate, it is an innocent field, and there is a lush weed on the side of the field. On a sunny morning, I came to the field for a walk. I even bowed my head and found a cluster of small blue flowers in the grass at my feet. Yeah, they are so bright, so many, the number of one flower is unclear. Look at this one! Two sky-blue petals stretched, two thin stamens curled up high, the pale yellow head seemed to be shaking, much like a little butterfly dancing! I gently put it The stems and leaves were taken off, and they entered the campus with great enthusiasm Cigarettes For Sale. Stepping into the lawn of the school, I admire this "small butterfly" and sing a song, it really has some fun Carton Of Cigarettes. "Drip bells..." Yeah, I have to go to class. Throw it away? What a pity. Yes, put it in the mud! I forgot to see the "Little Butterfly" at noon and afternoon. In the night, the next two were big. The next morning, the sky cleared, and I remembered the "small butterfly". It must have been taken away by the wind and rain, so I took another one and walked into the lawn. When I walked to the little flower that was inserted in the mud yesterday, I found that it was not dead. Two pieces of Bihu's leaves wrapped the small flowers among them. "Little Butterfly" is alive! It has a lot of vitality! It can survive without roots Parliament Cigarettes, and it stands up in the storm! Condensed with "Little Butterfly", my thoughts are far away...
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