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Application Research Of Needleless Connector

  • June 8, 2020 4:23 AM EDT

    The needleless connector was originally designed and promoted to prevent medical personnel from contacting blood. Some recent data indicate that the latest generation of connectors (with positive displacement) may be of interest in reducing central venous line infections. We have been using needle-free connectors in the intensive care unit for several years. Here, we introduce the plan to install these connectors on the central venous catheter. After inserting the catheter and controlling the permeability of the pipeline, the connector must be purged with 0.9% NaCl before connecting. The connector replaces all disposable caps used on infusion stopcocks and manifolds. According to the manufacturer's recommendations, replace all connectors every 7 days (unless there is macro contamination, which requires immediate replacement of the connectors). Before each injection, the connector must be sterilized with 70% isopropyl alcohol for at least 3 seconds. The connector must not be disconnected (unless it is changed) because the injection is done through the device. Setting up connectors will slightly increase the total time required for catheter placement, and there is no formal evidence that these connectors will reduce the incidence of infection or thrombotic complications. However, these devices simplify the management of the central venous line, and once the catheter circuit is installed aseptically, it can be prevented from "opening".


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