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plantation shutter

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    June 29, 2020 9:14 PM EDT

    Under the "fantasy" operation, the circumstance of spider platform to surroundings is clear, is is very easy and then discovered to strike of of green light ball.Although don't know this green light ball exactly is what things, the Yan flies instinct of feel green light the ball is very dangerous.The "fantasy" was very quick and then computed this is green light the flight track of the ball, hence it operates spider platform to quickly avoid being seen.
        But who also what to have never thought BE, that green light ball not only the speed is the quickest, and can also make a turn.Sees it a to coquettishly walk, carried on to unimaginablely turn a corner, incredibly shot Cu to cannot compare with to defend of the machine body of spider platform.
        The Yan flies heart in a surprised, however have never discovered be attackstoned of spider platform occurrence what different variety.Fly heart in the Yan in shocked, doing not know to connect down will soon take place what changed time, "fantasy" spread an alert voice.Because at"dreamlike" to spread all over the spider platform machine body of spread a feeling machine to carry on data's collecting of time, discovering that green light ball all of the insides is liquids, after it shoots spider platform, the liquid of inside the facing splash on all sides, and glue on the machine body of spider platform, start decaying the outer shell of spider platform.
        Don't know as well the green light liquid in the ball exactly is what composition, once they be stained with in the machine body of spider platform and incredibly start carrying on corrosion to the machine body material.At very short time in, this kind of liquid spider platform a joint of machine leg decayed one small part.The joint of this machine leg damaged empress, influence the rushing of spider platform speed and balance right away, then the spider platform rushes speed to start descending.
        The big fiesta department of behind sees the speed of spider platform start descending, immediately exultation, know that own attack took effect.Hence he again shot a green light ball attack spider platform, however the spider platform has been already taken precautions against this time, knew green light the flight characteristic of the ball, so stay away in advance.Though this green light ball can make a turn, however after touching pure its regulation, it can not shoot spider platform any further.
        That green light ball energy exhaustion, shoot flank of a big tree, then green light liquid in the ball splash in the big tree.Just for an instant, that big tree is splashed of the liquid corrosion melt, and bomb however tumble down, will pass "fantasy" to watch the Yan that pursues a war fly to see facial expression hair white.
        This time, the Yan flew to also understand to come over, this is green light ball should be the big fiesta visited bateau to once mention took charge of of special ability"poison achievement", inside of don't know liquid, should be a big fiesta to take charge of a make out of nothing creation to come out of deadly poison material.
        Seeing from true war effect, this kind of deadly poison material really severe, connected to add a money chemical element behind become violent and matchless spider platform outer shells can easily be decayed.But once that big tree be attackstoned, even tumble down to melt right away and showed this kind of deadly poison terrible attack ability more.No wonder that visiting bateau has to exclusively remind that the Yan flies to notice "poison achievement" that the big fiesta takes charge of, because this ability really violent.
        This also lets the Yan fly to determine the plan in his/her own heart, that big fiesta's taking charge of can also release the deadly poison that can not resist very badly and even.The Yan flies to become enemy with big fiesta department this time plantation shutters, so have to think a way to take charge of a big fiesta thoroughly solution to drop.Otherwise once the big fiesta department succeeds in escaping and makes use of terrible"poison achievement" ability and Yan to fly to set against, so the Yan flies to have a headache very much.
        The distance of of original spider platform and big fiesta department very far, but after big fiesta take charge of in a row twice"poison achievement" attack after, he incredibly and successfully shortenned with the distance of of spider platform.According to previous experience, big fiesta department as long as again shoot "poison achievement" attack, can thoroughly catch up anterior spider platform.