Imagine A Reality Show Where Impact Innovations Are Fueled For The Betterment Of Mankind And Social Enterprises Are Celebrated

Our Goal

It’s time to introduce Social Impact to Showbiz.
Set at the intersection of our current planetary and social crises, Angels.Inc presents a reimagined future as it explores the psyche, consciousness, visions – and stories - of the social innovators and committed corporations evolving the future of our world. Our panel of impact investors, philanthropists and corporations will choose to support the companies with the greatest innovations to upgrade humanity.
Our goal is to launch our new digital series this fall so please join us!
We proudly support the United Nations'

Special COVID-19 Premiere Edition

The stories of amazing, inspiring small businesses who pivoted to serve their communities during the crises.

Producer, Storyteller

Michele Bongiovanni

We're facing unprecedented times...where stories of hope are needed more than ever to uplift humanity. Join us to learn about the businesses who are dedicated to healing our planet and her people. There's never been a more important moment to spur impact innovation...and a re-imagined future.

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